Sell it on the web. Print it in your paper.


Sell display ads for your newspaper on your web site.

With, newspaper advertisers can create and submit ready-to-print PDFs of their ads.  It’s self-serve display advertising sales at its finest.  The customer makes the ad and submits the artwork directly to your paper, notifying your sales or graphics staff by email. There’s a comprehensive management web page where your staff can easily see what is happening on the system, such as whether certain ads are selling, or how many users are on the system. easily integrates with third party and in-house scheduling, ordering systems and payment systems. Advertisers can also use the system to request artwork directly with your designers and your publication can replace other artwork submission systems as part of the package.

When ad buying opportunities are available on your web site, you'll see customers buy more ads and bigger ads, more often and at times when you've never sold ads before - such as 3 a.m. 

Need more Display Ad Sales?

If you don’t already have an online display ad sales and ordering system that's open to the public, check out our turn-key display ad sales solution with onboard scheduling, pricing and payment, especially useful for automotive and real estate resale ads in both display and display classified ad sections. In the past 10 years, The Ad Wizard has sold more than 600 million dollars in print display ads. Not liners. Not web ads. Print Ads. Display Ads. Lots of them. Call to inquire and let us show you the money there is in automating ad sales.

We have auto and real estate sales and publishing systems ready to go.


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